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Health Heroes

As a semester of service project in the Spring of 2010, high school students enrolled in the Lawrence County Career & Technical Center (LCCTC), will serve as ‘Fitness Buddies’ and ‘Wellness Mentors’ to pre-school aged students enrolled in Head Start. LCCTC students will research, design, and implement wellness and physical activities that promote movement, teambuilding, nutrition, and healthier lifestyles. LCCTC students will be leaders of this obesity prevention project by influencing pre-school children and their families to be active, eat well, and take advantage of low-cost community resources for fitness.

General Services Provided:
• LCCTC early childhood obesity prevention service-learning project.
• High School students mentoring pre-school aged children in areas of wellness.

Eligibility Requirements:
• Students must be enrolled in LCCTC or LCCAP’s Early Learning Programs.