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PA Regional-Lead Hazard Control Grant

The PAR-LHCG is a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funded program designed to remove lead-based paint hazards from the homes of low to very-low income families with children under the age of 6. Eligible participants can receive either Lead Hazard Control services only or those services can be combined with other housing rehabilitation programs in a full home rehabilitation project.
It may be necessary for the family and pets to temporarily relocate while some or all of the lead hazard reduction work is being done to protect them from lead exposure. This program extends beyond Lawrence County throughout Pennsylvania and will accept referrals from participating counties.

General Services Provided:
• Provides the removal of lead-based paint hazards.
• Tests for the presence of lead, determines the level of hazard to the home’s occupants and designates the best way to address those hazards.

Eligibility Requirements:
• Target population: must have a child under the age of 6. May have a child with elevated blood lead level, have a low-moderate income based on family size or live in a home constructed before 1978 with a demonstrated lead presence.
• Parents must be willing to have their children blood tested for the presence of lead.
• Income guidelines are based on HUD median income limits.