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Lead Based Paint Inspection Services

Technical assistance is provided to municipalities, lenders and property owners to test their structures for the presence of lead-based paint and lead hazards. A complete program and/or project design is offered to assist service providers and private citizens with the rehabilitation of Lawrence County homes. The use of these fee paid services can detect the presence of lead-based paint in a structure, the location of that lead and provide recommendations for the best way to address the hazards present to provide lead-safe homes to families in Lawrence County.

General Services Provided:
• Provides the following services to test for lead hazards: initial inspections, work progress inspections, job completion inspections, risk assessments, clearance testing, soil testing, interim control/abatement solutions, program development, work specification write-ups, assistance in write-spec write-up, housing standards interpretation and work determinations.

Eligibility Requirements:
• Target population: municipalities, lenders and property owners.
• No income guidelines apply; This is a fee based service with discounts available to homeowners based on family size and income which are displayed in the file attached below.