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HPRP-Rapid Rehousing

HPRP is a new program that is part of President Obama’s Economic Stimulus Package. HPRP will provide approximately 70 households with short or long term rental assistance. Households selected for the program must demonstrate that they:

1) Have been on the streets or in an emergency shelter (via a referral from either a shelter or local human service provider) OR are being evicted within the next two weeks from a private dwelling (via a notarized eviction notice). Priority will be given to households who demonstrate that they are:

1) First time homeless
2) Have had a significant decrease in income
3) Have had a significant increase in housing costs

HPRP participants will enroll in the short term or medium term assistance program based on the results of their assessment.

Those households requiring minimal assistance in order to stabilize their household will be approved for short term assistance (3 months). Typically these households will be at risk of homelessness, be employed or have an employment history, and have minimal barriers to establishing housing. Participants of the short term subsidy will be approved to receive up to $1500 over the course of three months in order to secure safe, affordable, permanent housing for themselves and their children. The participant’s subsidy can be used for: rent, security deposits, and/or utility deposits. All payments will be issued directly to the appropriate vendor (i.e. property owner or utility company).

Those families needing extensive assistance in order to stabilize their household will be approved for medium term assistance (18 months). Typically these families will be homeless, have no employment or employment history, and possess additional barriers to employment (mental health, substance abuse, lack of education, extensive credit problems, etc.) Participants of the long term subsidy will be approved to receive up to $4300 over the course of 18 months according to the file at the bottom of the page.

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